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Mold, Water,and Fire Damage Restoration Services in Trafalgar, IN

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We depend on our homes to protect us from the elements and we rely on our commercial establishments to provide comfort and a sense of purpose to our workers and customers. There are times when these structures get damaged due to fire and flood or accrue issues like mold or sewage. When the integrity of the materials that make up these places get compromised, the environment in our homes and businesses can become hosts to germs and viruses. The health of our families, customers, tenants, and workers are put at risk and we get into a situation where we are put at a liability.

When our homes fester toxins, germs and virus due to water damage, fire damage, toilet overflows, and mold, then it is time to get in touch with M.W. Remediation – the Microbial Remediation Experts.

Why put the health of your family and those you work with at risk when our team of specialists can remove contaminants from your residence and place of business with the highest professional standards set by the government and industrial associations? Our team will work to bring the state of your home and commercial property back to its pre-loss condition after a fire strikes. We are equipped to take on sewage issues and bio-hazard cleanups – things too risky and dirty for other restoration companies to take on.

M.W. Restoration has been serving the township of Trafalgar and the communities in and around the greater Indianapolis area for more than 30 years now. Our team has successfully completed more than 18,000 projects during the entire span of the life of our business and we will continue to respond to your emergencies. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 317-548-0107 or through the Contact Us page on this site. M.W. Restoration is the restoration company you can rely on for tough situations.


Learn about Trafalgar, IN

Trafalgar is one of the nine townships under the jurisdiction of Johnson County. During the last census in 2010, there are around 1,101 residents in the town across 385 households. The town has been named in honor of the Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic Wars which established British naval supremacy during that period.

The town can be reached from Indianapolis by driving south through State Road 135.  Trafalgar is 20 miles away from the main city. The travel time it will take to reach Trafalgar from Indianapolis is 42 minutes.