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Barbra M
Indianapolis, IN
February 9, 2017

Homeowner wished for the flooring, shoe moulding and toe kicks from the affected rooms to be repaired. Air movers and dehumidifiers were used to dry the wet areas. Several areas were affected by the water and the laminate flooring was roomed.

Mike A
Westfield, IN
October 24, 2016

The water was extracted from the carpet and padding. The fallen bulkhead was cleaned up, the affected baseboards and insulation on the exterior wall was repaired. Entire area is back to pre-loss standings and all water removed.

Community Kitchen
Shelbyville, IN
October 23, 2016

The solution to the water damage was to remove affected vinyl and VCT tile from kitchen area. Remove cove base from affected walls. Remove toe kicks from kitchen cabinets. Treat affected areas with antimicrobial and set drying equipment as needed. Total drying process from start to completion took roughly 3 days.

Christen J
Indianapolis, IN
October 21, 2016

Removed affected insulation from attic area. Cleaned affected area in roof from microbial growth, placed 2 air movers, 2 stands and 1 Dehumidifier. Water team came to remove water from affected rooms.

Local Church
Indianapolis, IN
October 14, 2016

We dried out the cabinets, surrounding areas and connecting kitchen and mens bathroom. The bathroom was restored and dried completely.

Vicki H
Indianapolis, IN
September 14, 2016

Set containments in bathroom and in crawl space. Set negative air pressure exhaust with crawl space vent to outside. Remove effective drywall in bathroom and removed the affected shower area. The crawl space was air washed and sprayed with the antimicrobial agent. All affected dry wall was removed, set dehumidifiers and air scrubbers neutralized the pressure. The areas passed the air quality test.

Bloomington, IN
September 9, 2016

Pack in and contents cleaned and returned to owner

Community Center
Indianapolis, IN
August 31, 2016

The filters were changed, hallway and laundry room were cleaned, painted and sealed. The door opening was restored and cleaned.

Shelby D
Columbus, IN
July 19, 2016

Since the customer had a sewage issue, all affected materials that came in contact with the water were cut out, cleaned and sanitized with antimicrobial. The areas were dried with fans and dehumidifiers and air scrubbers.

Matthew P.
Indianapolis, IN
May 4, 2016

The crawlspace was checked for damage and it was discovered that the bathroom pipe was disconnected and there was standing sewage. The preexisting vapor barrier and debris was removed. The area was sprayed, washed and then extracted. The crawlspace was sprayed with zyme then extracted and then spayed new zyme 3 more times and the P gravel was reset and a new vapor barrier was installed.

Jamie C.
Fishes, IN
April 28, 2016

Air movers, dehumidifiers and VaporTrecks were brought in to assist and dry out the home and prevent any further damage.

Robby G.
Indianapolis, IN
April 21, 2016

The hallway pad, baseboards and basement pad and carpet were removed. Water was extracted and anti microbial has been used as needed.

Pappas T.
Avon, IN
April 2, 2016

We removed the affected baseboards and toe kicks; the crawl space was inspected for wet crawlspace, antimicrobial and drying equipment was set up as needed. The area was dried out and put back together.

Commercial Client
Indianapolis, IN
April 1, 2016

The area was treated by pulling up pre-existing wall paper, the cove base and baseboards were removed and vent holes in the walls. The carpet was treated with antimicrobial and all affected contents is being treated accordingly.

Cheryl W.
Indianapolis, IN
March 24, 2016

The glued down carpet was affected and removed as needed. The floor was hot water rinsed and extracted and then anti microbial was applied.

Indianapolis, IN
February 2, 2016

They used a hydroxyl machine upstairs and air scrubber; they removed all debris, pre existing vapor barrier and affected soil; the area was washed and extracted.

Hair Salon
Carmel, IN

Dried affected areas to drying standards, walls and baseboards were also soaked in water. All water was extracted and mitigated.

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