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Experienced Processing Damage Claims

Midwest Remediation is Highly Experienced Processing Damage Claims

A list of reasons why you should choose Midwest Remediation for your water damage services?
Midwest Remediation works well with your insurance company

Our expertise in microbial remediation ensures that frequently uncovered microbial and mold problems will be handled expertly. Our intense focus on microbial remediation also better informs the work we perform on everyday water, sewer and fire losses. Our experienced and highly trained technicians restore all losses to the proper industry Standard of Care and help you get the claim closed fast and off your desk so you can move on to the next one!

We operate using Total Project Accountability, which documents the entire restoration process from start to finish. You'll be able to see exactly how the structure was returned to pre-loss condition and know that the work performed was only what was necessary, demonstrating that the job was done at the lowest cost possible.

Our thorough documentation process also keeps you informed online without ever having to pick up the phone. We build the claim file for you as we go and keep you connected. You'll also have a permanent record that the loss was restored correctly the first time, eliminating the stress of having to worry about future liability.

Claims Adjusters

Claims Adjusters like partnering with us because we understand that they:

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  • Need of a way to close claims faster and lighten their ever increasing workload 
  • Need to save as much money as possible on claims
  • Need clear justification of restoration costs
  • Want to avoid angry policyholder phone calls
  • Demand better communication and access to information on the status of the job
  • Would like easier access to the data to build the claim file (or have the claim file largely built for them)
  • Are concerned about secondary damage and liability issues

Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents like partnering with us because we understand that they:

  • Are concerned about retaining their current policyholders
  • Want to create customer cheerleaders and build word-of-mouth referrals for new business
  • Need a competitive edge to face increasing Internet (Geico, Progressive, etc.) and "Main Street" competition
  • Need a way to avoid looking like the "bad guy" when losses are not covered 
  • Are looking for ways to control loss ratios and increase incentives

Agency Support Program

Through working with both personal lines and commercial agents, we have discovered that when agents become personally involved during a claim, they offer a value proposition that can't be met by their competition. Our Agency Support Program makes us an extension of your existing marketing team and provides your agency with a powerful differentiation that gives policyholders important reasons to not only stay with you, but refer you to associates, family and friends!