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Midwest Remediation Works With Local Plumbers and Contractors

Midwest Remediation Works With Local Plumbers and Contractors

A list of reasons why you should choose Midwest Remediation for your water damage services?
Midwest Remediation works with local plumbers and contractors

We have the expertise, equipment and personnel necessary to remediate and restore mold and water losses quickly, which gets you back to work and your customer's lives back to normal faster. All work is performed by an IICRC certified technician to the proper Standard of Care.

We possess the proper Commercial Pollution Liability insurance to take on microbial, mold and sewage remediation and document the loss thoroughly to protect you and your company from future liability. Our documentation practices track the job online in near-real time, so you'll know exactly what the status of the job is without having to pick up a phone.

Actions taken to restore the loss are recorded so you know that the steps taken were only the necessary ones. We create a permanent record of proper restoration, which protects you from future liability and provides your customers with the evidence they need to preserve the maximum value of their property.


Plumbers work with us because we understand that they:

  • Need to protect and maintain valuable customer relationships 
  • Want to create customer cheerleaders and build word-of-mouth referrals for new business 

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  • Are looking for ways to get damage restored fast so they can finish their work
  • Are tired of getting blamed for the damage, whether they caused it or not 
  • Are concerned about liability, especially when mold and sewage are involved 
  • Want to minimize the cost of repairing damage caused by their own techs

Plumber Support Program

Through working with plumbers over the years, we have discovered that when plumbers consistently demonstrate above-and-beyond customer service, they offer a value proposition that can't be met by their competition. Our Plumber Support Program makes us an extension of your existing marketing team and provides you and your plumbing company with a powerful differentiation that gives your customers important reasons to not only stay with you, but refer you to associates, family and friends!


Midwest Remediation works with many other contractors in the greater Indianapolis area, both those that perform restoration work of their own and those that do not. Contractors frequently call upon us because they:

  • Need a quick solution when damage occurs on the job to avoid delays 
  • Need to prevent the chances of secondary damage occurring 
  • Want to work with a mitigation specialist that keeps the cost of restoration down 
  • Don't have the capabilities and/or proper insurance for mold and sewage work 
  • Don't have the amount of equipment or workforce to handle larger jobs themselves 
  • Need to stay informed on the progress of restoration 
  • Need a restoration partner that will not take their portion of the work from them

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