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Testimonials for Midwest Remediation

Testimonials for Midwest Remediation

The following testimonials are from homeowners and commercial customers on mold, fire and water damage restoration services.

Steve Dev W

Along with giving us a perfect 10 rating, they also made some specific statements about the completed job. Deb and Steve stated that “Doran did a great job” and they were very happy with the work done.

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Ralph B

Ralph B. gave our technicians and services at Midwest Remediation an almost perfect rating of 9.75 out of 10.

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Maryann J

Maryann gave Midwest Remediation the highest ratings for every category listed on our survey. Maryann was very impressed with the way that our technicians explained every step of the process and helped the property owners feel better about the probl

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Jean M

Jean M. called Midwest Remediation in Indianapolis, IN to do work on her home. Once the project was completed, Jean rated Midwest Remediation perfectly for all aspects of the services provided by Midwest Remediation.

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Insurance Agent Testimonial

A local insurance agent we work with on fire and water damage losses gave us a testimonial on a recent water loss we managed for her client.

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Dena M Indianapolis, In

Dena M. from Indianapolis, IN writes, I would recommend them to anyone looking for remediation work.

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Rita G Indianapolis, IN

Rita G. from Indianapolis, IN writes Midwest Remediation made this a smoother transaction for me

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Jim B Trafalgar, IN

Jim B. in Trafalgar, IN writes It was good

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Tony M Fishers, IN

Tony M. from Fishers, IN writes terrific company. Fantastic help. Very cordial

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Seth B Indianapolis, IN

Seth B. from Indianapolis, IN writes prompt, attentive

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