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Testimonial from a Local Insurance Agent

Midwest Team Member Cleaning Wet CarpetWho knew I would be my own “practice case” for remediation? As I was driving to the office that wonderful morning knowing the office had been invaded by water, a pastor on the radio was discussing how we should feel blessed for the challenges in our lives. How ironic and yet true. Teresa and Chuck (and his assistants) have been very good to work with and a real asset in my interface with the neighboring business. I appreciate you, Teresa, and Chuck in the way this unforeseen situation has been addressed. Chuck has even maintained a very good sense of humor since I picked up the southern “touch” in his speech and with my attempts to learn how to speak “southern” being the country music loving “Yankee” that I am.

Thank you and God Bless!

-Local Insurance Agent


This testimonial was sent to us in an email from the local agent on a recent water loss we have managed for her client. 

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