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Midwest Remediation: Your Ally Against the Hoard

Hoarding Pile

Statistics from the website of the American Psychiatric Association claim that 2% – 5% of the American population is suffering from hoarding disorder. Hoarding disorder is defined as the excessive compulsion to keep random items that other people may find worthless coupled with the difficulty of being able to part with possessions. As one can imagine, the combination of these two result in clutter-filled homes and a sense of isolation for the hoarder.

Let’s start from a place of no judgment

Even though hoarding situations are messy, let’s begin with this one fact: It’s all just stuff. The first and most important thing is the person suffering from the hoarding disorder. They don’t need the social stigma that can make the underlying feelings behind the hoarding much worse. What they need is a clean slate, a place where they can start anew and feel the psychological benefits of having a clean and spacious home.

Hiring professionals like Midwest Remediation can help hoarders and their loved ones deal with a hoarding situation without judgment. We make sure that there is no drama; we perform our work discreetly and provide professional clean-up results. It’s all just stuff to us.

Protecting You from Liability

Hoarders are generally sentimental and kind people. They also sometimes hoard pets. If these pets die on the premises, the owners might have significant reservations about properly disposing of their remains. Since there are also a lot of nooks and crannies in a home affected by hoarding, pets can potentially urinate and defecate in hidden places. Even if hoarders do not keep pets, the presence of mounds of things can make the house an attractive refuge for vermin. These conditions set up the hoarder’s home for the build-up of germs and disease causing agents.

The biological waste can make cleaning hazardous for cleaners. Taking on the clean-up of a hoarder’s home is not an easy task because of the presence of fecal matter, mold, bacteria, and possibly animal corpses. Only professionals armed with protective gear and the latest in sanitation devices can work in these conditions. Our technicians at Midwest Remediation are experts when it comes to these kinds of biological clean-ups and use the latest tools and procedures in handling such situations.

True Sanitation

The technicians of Midwest Remediation also work in Trauma and Bio Hazard clean ups, as well as fire damage, water damage, and sewer damage remediation. They will be able to collect all the things composing the hoard and properly dispose of them based on recommendations by the CDC. We then clean the area using professional tools and the best cleaning and sanitation agents to get rid of the germs and bacteria. We conclude in knowing that we have restored the place to its pre-contamination state.

Give yourself and your family the jumpstart to a new life. Call Midwest Remediation to help resolve the hoarding situation at your loved one’s home discreetly and professionally. You can get in touch with us at our (317) 826-0940 or through the contact form on this page. Even if there’s clutter all around, life doesn’t have to be a mess when you have Midwest Remediation behind you.