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How to Deal with Decomposing Animal Matter

Animal Decomposing

Decomposing animal carcasses can be tricky to deal with, mostly because of the revulsion factor involved. Most people are disgusted with decomposing animal remains, and for good reasons. Dead animal matter can contain a lot of bacteria and other pathogens that can infect people directly or through contamination of their food or the water supply.

If not properly dealt with, animal carcasses can pose a considerable risk of illness. It may take weeks for a dead animal to decompose, so aside from the risk of disease, you may have to deal with very unpleasant odors if the carcass is not removed immediately. Don’t attempt to bury a dead animal in your yard or garden, or other pets or wildlife might dig it up, and they could get sick as a result. Dead rodents, for instance, may have died because they were poisoned or contracted diseases.

Unless you’re handling a small amount of decomposing animal matter — for instance, a single dead rat, which can be disposed of in a bin for biodegradable matter — don’t attempt to handle the carcasses yourself, as you could unnecessarily expose yourself to unknown pathogens. Get help from a professional microbial remediation expert like Midwest Remediation.

You only need to take note of important details, including what sort of animal is decomposing, the quantity of carcasses, and what the decomposing remains look like at the moment. If the incident happened in your property, you might want to let us now about your insurance details. We will attempt to perform the claim process for you.

If you need help getting rid of decomposing animal matter, please call us at (317) 826-0940, and we’ll dispatch our team to your home or place of business immediately. Our service area includes the city of Indianapolis and surrounding areas.