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Water Extraction Services
Water Extraction Service

How Professionals Handle Sewer Damage

Sewer Damage

Toilet overflows and sewer backflows introduce dangers into the affected home in the form of microbial growth. The longer the sewage stays in the environment, the more dangerous it is for the house’s residents. Professional water damage remediation personnel act swiftly and perform exhaustive restoration techniques in order to return the home to normal.

Here are the steps that the professionals at Midwest Remediation take in order to resolve the effects of sewer damage:

  • After evacuating residents and homeowners, the team first focuses on removing clean and salvageable items from the site. A tech takes pictures of non-salvageable items in order to account for losses.
  • The team seals the contaminated area in order to prevent sewage dust or water from being tracked into other areas of the home.
  • Techs remove house components and porous materials that may have been exposed to sewage water. We’re talking about drywall, gypsum cores, baseboard trims, carpets, and wall paneling. Porous materials can trap microbes below the surface.
  • The team performs water extraction and does initial structural drying of the premises. They then remove items and house components that have been submerged under the dirty water and disinfect the area.
  • Techs re-wash the area and perform a second structural drying and then another round of disinfection.
  • The remediators perform a round of inspections on the HVAC, crawlspaces and other areas of the home to make sure that no contaminants made it through these areas.
  • The team finally goes through procedures to prevent a second recurrence of sewer backflows from happening.

Professionals perform restoration and mechanical troubleshooting steps to keep your home safe after an event like this happens. In case you need the help of pros for sewage, fire, and water damage or your house is suffering from the effects of mold, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Midwest Remediation at our (317) 826-0940 number or email us through any of the contact forms on this site. Midwest Remediation gets your home back to normal from any size of disaster.