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Water Extraction Services
Water Extraction Service

How You Can Protect Your Home From Flooding

With spring around the corner, we will soon be experiencing the typical storms and rainfall this season brings with it. Unfortunately, all of the rain also means that homes are more likely to sustain leaks and flooding, along with the dreaded water damage. Midwest Remediation has seen every type of water emergency imaginable, and we know exactly how to clean it up and dry it out. Let’s go over some ways that you can help protect your home from flooding, as well as the water damage restoration services we offer in case you need them.

Water Cleanup and Damage RestorationInstall a Sump Pump

If you have a basement, a sump pump is one of the best measures you can take to protect that space from flooding. A sump pump works by detecting water, and then pumping it out of your basement and away from your property.

Use Smart Water Sensors

A smart water sensor works with an app on your device to immediately notify you if there is water detected. It will allow you to quickly take action to mitigate as much water damage as you can. This is a great tool to use as a backup to your measures of prevention.

Install Flood Vents

Flood vents should be installed in enclosed areas, such as foundation walls and garages, to allow water to flow through and drain out. This will lower the risk of structural damage to your home because the water won’t create uneven pressure on one side of a wall.

Protect Valuables and Documents

One of the most important things you can do is to protect your valuables and important documents from water damage or any other catastrophic damage. These items should be stored in water-resistant containers, above your basement level. It’s also a good idea to keep digital copies as a backup. 

Midwest Remediation Can Help

As much as you prepare your home, you may still experience a water emergency that defies all attempts at prevention. Midwest Remediation has advanced training in drying techniques, using a wide array of specialty equipment and technology. Our mitigation-focused experts are available 24/7 to help restore your home to its pre-loss condition. 

Request a Free Estimate 

Midwest Remediation helps homeowners recover from disastrous situations. In addition to water damage restoration, we can provide fire damage cleanup and restoration, mold removal and remediation, and more. Contact us today at (317) 826-0940 to get a free estimate. We serve Central Indiana including Indianapolis and the surrounding areas of Carmel, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Lebanon, Greenwood, Greenfield, Shelbyville, Mooresville, Greencastle, and Lafayette.