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Identifying Toilet Backup and How to Solve It

Toilet Backup Solutions

One of the worst problems that you may encounter as a homeowner is a backed-up toilet. And unfortunately, there is no one single quick fix for this problem, as this problem has many different causes. Hence, we have listed down the most common causes and how you can fix it, if possible.

Drain blockages

Too much toilet paper that went down the drain? Have mischievous kids that flushed down small toys or objects into the throne? Then these may be blocking the drain leading from your toilet to the sewage line. Because of this blockage, waste from the toilet go back up instead of down.

Deal with this issue the old-school way, by getting a plunger to remove the object blocking the drain. Alternatively, pressing a plunger down repeatedly while pouring several buckets of water down the bowl can help break down toilet paper blockages.

Tree root blockage

Yes, the root cause may be a root itself. Since tree roots seek organic material to draw minerals from, there is a tendency for them to grow towards and into sewer lines. It is best to call a plumber to locate the tree roots causing the blockage, then have them cut. In this case, the sewer line may also need repair as well.

Faulty vents

First, the plumbing vent may also be blocked, as evidenced by a gurgling sound from a nearby sink or shower drain. This blockage may be preventing air from getting into the drainage system, creating a vacuum that stops the flow of water. Second, if you are dealing with a toilet inside an older building, the toilet itself may not have its own plumbing vent.

Septic tank issues

The fix may lie in the destination. Sometimes, issues with the septic system—such as the tank needing pumping, a failed leach field, or broken ejection pump—can lead to problems with the toilet. So if you are also smelling foul odors or unbelievably water-soaked grass, this may be the cause. As suggested above, it is best to call a plumber for repairs when it comes to this issue.

For the aforementioned problem, it is also good to have a remediation company manage it. After all, it’s not just the mechanical aspects of the septic tank that need to be fixed. There are also disease-causing waste and toxic materials in the tank that have to be dealt with.

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