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Water Extraction Services
Water Extraction Service

Back to Business: Restoring Commercial Establishments after Fire or Water Damage

Restoring Commercial Establishments

When a commercial establishment stops bringing in profit, it generates losses instead. Any working day halted by the effects of fire or flooding incurs losses to the company. Even if a company can weather work stoppage, the cost of repairing damages will mount over time. Restoring the place of business as soon as possible after a disaster strikes is therefore a sound investment.

After you confirm the negative impacts of fire or water damage in your commercial establishment, you will need to call your insurance company or your preferred restoration experts. If you called your insurance company first, they will confirm the damage and then call the restoration experts themselves in order to bid out the project. Calling your chosen restoration partners is also a sound decision. The restoration company will send its first responders with the project manager and they will start inspecting the site for damages.

Once the site inspection is complete, the project manager will get in touch with your insurance company to provide them the estimate of the costs of the project. If all the figures are correct, your insurers will draw up reserve funds and the technicians from the restoration company will begin their work. Usually technicians should already be moving salvageable assets for contents restoration into their facility to prevent further damage while the negotiations are ongoing.

For flooding or water damage restoration projects, your restoration company will have to remove excess water by performing water extraction first. Technicians will use pumps to ferry the excess water onto a tank. When there is little water left, the techs will mop up the place and use fans and HEPA filters to structurally dry and sanitize the environment. This is also done to prevent the growth of mold. The team will then focus on removing odors from the premises. Parts of the commercial establishment that have been damaged by water, like drywall, insulation, crawlspaces for example, will be rebuilt to their pre-loss condition.

Fire damage restoration also requires an inspection first. Once the preliminaries are done, the technicians will immediately remove debris and clear the project area of every trace soot and ash. They will perform structural drying techniques on moist and wet areas that firemen sprayed water onto to kill the blaze. The techs will use HEPA filters in order to remove toxic substances in the air. Once everything is sanitized and every surface cleaned, the team goes through the rebuilding phase and reconstructs damaged parts of the building or factory. This should be done and completed to your satisfaction.

If you are looking for a partner who will help you restore your business in the greater Indianapolis, IN area back to productivity and profitability after a fire, a flood, or any disaster, think only of Midwest Remediation. Midwest Remediation has completed more than 18,000 projects restoring factories, businesses, schools and religious institutions from the brink of staggering losses back into health. You can get in touch with us on our (317) 826-0940 number and through the contact form on this page.

When your means of livelihood is down and out for the count, Midwest Remediation in the Indianapolis Area is the friend that will get you back on track with speed and efficiency.

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