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Water Extraction Services
Water Extraction Service

What to Do in Case Your Basement Gets Flooded

Basement Flood

One of the worst kinds of damage a storm can inflict on your home is flooding your basement. Since basements are underground, this complicates the cleanup process. For starters, you would be faced with this challenge: how will you get all the water out of the basement?

Hence, it is often advised to hire a professional cleanup team for a situation like this. They will often have the equipment to suck the water out and the skills to deal with this kind of flooding. But at the same time, you will need to do the following to ensure that a cleanup goes smoothly.

Check outside if the floodwaters have subsided

This is to ensure that no floodwater will reenter your basement once it’s been cleaned up.

Check your home

Following the same line of reason as the first step, this is to ensure that no structural damage to the home is causing the flooding in the basement. After all, it’s useless to have the basement cleaned up, only to have another flood again because the source of the problem has not been fixed. An inspection will also help determine if it’s safe to go into the basement—are there any parts of the home in danger of collapsing because of the flood?

Don’t just go into the floodwaters without the proper safety gear

Remember, you won’t be always able to see the floor of the basement. The floodwaters may hide sharp, pointed objects that you might accidentally step on, causing injury. Hence, it’s important to wear safety boots at the minimum to protect your feet. Wearing gloves and a gas mask is also advised.

Shut off the electricity and gas to the basement

This is to prevent you and the cleanup team from getting electrocuted while standing in the floodwaters. However, if the floodwaters are deep enough to submerge the electrical outlets, it’s better to drain the basement out first. And in some cases, you may need to call your electricity company to have the power shut off to your house (and by extension, the basement).

The same rule applies to the gas line if it’s in the basement.

To reiterate, getting the services of a professional is necessary for the cleanup of a flooded basement. If you’re in the greater Indianapolis area, the top company for the job would be Midwest Remediation. We have the necessary range of services to help you get your basement back to tip-top shape. These include water damage restoration, contents restoration, and mold remediation. Call us now at (317) 826-0940 for 24/7 emergency service.