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A list of reasons why you should choose Midwest Remediation for your water damage services?

Commercial Property Restoration | Indianapolis

Commercial Property Restoration

Midwest Remediation specializes in the restoration of commercial properties damaged by waterfire and mold. Remediation and restoration of structures containing multiple tenants and occupants is a unique challenge that requires skilled and trained professionals. Through our years of experience working on commercial structures, we know that those responsible for the operation of these facilities:

  • Need to be prepared for emergencies and need a "go-to" contractor that they can count on to respond when emergencies strike
  • Need to get their property back to normal as fast as possible when there's a loss
  • Have very busy schedules and need losses "taken care of" with minimal intrusion 
  • Are concerned about unbudgeted expenses and need to know that the property has been restored properly for the lowest possible cost
  • Need to minimize occupant problems and not lose tenants
  • Are concerned about secondary damage and liability issues 
  • Need to avoid any negative attention and Public Relations issues when losses occur

We frequently assist facility and property managers when they are most in need of a remediation solution. We'll help you manage the crisis and get operations back to normal fast.

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We follow the appropriate Standard of Care when restoring commercial structures, including any necessary containment construction to minimize cross-contamination. We employ an IICRC technician on every loss and understand the steps necessary to get buildings back to habitable or operational condition.

Midwest Remediation Commercial Property Restoration

Operating using Total Project Accountability means that we provide comprehensive documentation in near-real time detailing every action taken to restore the loss to the proper Standard of Care. This keeps you in the know, shows that the work performed was only the work that was necessary and creates a permanent record of proper restoration that protects everyone involved in the loss from liability.

Midwest Remediation has provided the greater Indianapolis area with remediation and restoration solutions for over 30 years. On call 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we provide mitigation and restoration for structures affected by mold, sewage, water, fire and smoke. Contact us here!