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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Indianapolis

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Indianapolis

When a water problem occurs on your commercial property, you would often use typical repair techniques to address it. However, not all plumbing situations are easy to handle, especially when they escalate into something worse. A burst pipe, for example, is often caused by a clogged drain or sewage system. When this occurs, it exposes your establishment to water damage that can destroy your merchandise, as well as the physical structure of the building. 

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Greater Indianapolis

It’s very unlikely that you’ll have the proper equipment to handle this type of problem. What’s worse, you only have a limited time before your entire commercial property succumbs to water damage. That’s why, the minute a water-related disaster takes place in your store, contact Midwest Remediation immediately. Our company knows how valuable your business is, so we won’t waste any of your time and restore it quickly.

Count on Midwest Remediation to Handle Water Disasters

Midwest Remediation is your reliable commercial restoration company in the greater Indianapolis area. We have all the equipment you need to locate and fix the cause of the disaster, as well as restore your establishment back to its pre-damage condition. Our fully licensed and certified technicians perform the task properly and finish every project on time. We have the experience in handling all kinds of water disasters, including:

  • Appliance leaks
  • Burst and frozen pipes
  • Toilet and sewage overflow
  • Flooded basement or house
  • And more…

We also follow a step-by-step process when conducting this service. Before we begin with any initial repairs, we’ll clean the entire property and get rid of any debris. Once the place is clear, we’ll start the restoration. Afterwards, we’ll disinfect and sanitize the area to eliminate hazardous substances from the property. In addition, we can help you file and submit a well-documented insurance claim, so you can receive the right assistance.

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Warehouse Water Damage Restoration in Greater Indianapolis

Contact Midwest Remediation for Water Damage Restoration

Allowing us to take care of the water damage eliminates the risk of mold, pungent odors, and other structural problems from developing. Just give us a call at 317-826-0940 and our friendly operators are ready to serve you. You can reach us at any time. Our emergency services are available 24/7.