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Documents Restoration Service in Indianapolis Area

Documents Restoration Service in Indianapolis Area

Documents Restoration Service in Indianapolis Area

Important files and papers that weren’t stored in a safe location are likely to get damaged if a flood or fire occurs in your property. Your passports, birth certificates, contracts, wills and other significant paperwork can become almost unreadable – to the point where you’ll need to have them replaced. However, it takes a lot of time and resources to acquire new documents. Thankfully, Midwest Remediation offers professional document restoration to help salvage paperwork that may have been damaged in a disaster.

Why Have Your Files Restored?

Documents Restoration Service in Indianapolis Area Documents Restoration Service in Indianapolis Area

It takes an expert eye and years of experience to determine whether a document is deemed salvageable or not. To the everyday individual, seeing a portion of the document damp or filthy will lead him or her to lose hope and seek a replacement. However, Midwest Remediation knows that the “damaged” document still has a chance to be fully restored.

Our company offers two document restoration methods: freeze-drying and cryogenic drying. Freeze-drying completely freezes the water-damaged documents, in order to preserve and protect the items while they are transported to our specialized facility. While they are frozen, the water in them transitions from a solid to gaseous state, due to the lack of pressure in the freeze-drying process. On the other hand, cryogenic drying lets the water pass through a liquid state before turning into gas. Cryogenic drying is also more expensive, but preserves the shape of the document better. It also decreases warping and distortion of books, making it the perfect restoration solution for rare books or historical documents.

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Your Important Files and Papers are Spared with Midwest Remediation

Documents Restoration Service in Indianapolis Area

If you’re located in the areas of Indianapolis and you’re looking for professional document restoration services, contact Midwest Remediation pronto. Our technicians are licensed and certified, and they’re trained to take care of your damaged documents from start to finish. Our contents restoration facility is well-equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to bring your files back to readable quality. We can also disinfect and deodorize your damaged papers, to ensure that they won’t compromise your property’s healthy environment with smoke, soot and mold damage. For more contents restoration services, give us a call at 317-548-0107 and get a free estimate. Our emergency services are available 24/7.