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Furniture Restoration Services in Greater Indianapolis

Furniture Restoration Services in Greater Indianapolis

Homeowners and entrepreneurs alike invest in good furniture because it adds to the design and functionality of the rooms inside their property. They spend time and money securing well-crafted pieces that will personalize their space or enhance the experience of their clientele. A furniture piece’s sentimental value, also, cannot be dismissed. Antiques, for one, are prized because of their old-world appeal and the meticulous care that went into preserving their form and function.

Furniture Restoration Services

However, you can’t expect a natural disaster to consider all your efforts in finding and caring for your furniture. Fires and floods tend to ruin everything in their path, including your new leather sofa or the wooden cabinet you inherited from your grandmother. In events like these, it is easy to despair over your losses, and you may seriously consider throwing your damaged furniture away. But before you repeat the process of finding new pieces to add to your home or store, consider first if your damaged items can still be restored.

Give Your Damaged Furniture a Second Chance

Before throwing out your precious belongings, give Midwest Remediation a call so we can evaluate the damage. If your furniture can still be saved, you can rest assured that our artisans will restore it to its former glory — or as close as possible. Our furniture restoration expertise extends to:

  • Antique furniture
  • Custom pieces
  • Manufactured items

There are a lot of factors involved in the restoration process, such as the make and material of the piece and the extent of the damage. The owner’s vision also plays a big part in the project. Our team will coordinate with you throughout the process to make sure that the final product will stay within your budget and live up to your expectations.

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After Restoration Furniture

Aside from furniture and other content restoration projects, our company also works on mold remediation, commercial restoration, and sewage remediation. Contact Midwest Remediation today by calling 317-826-0940 so we can start working on your damaged items. We offer our services to addresses in and around the Greater Indianapolis Area.