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Photographs & Media Restoration in Greater Indianapolis

Photographs & Media Restoration in Greater Indianapolis

Whenever a disaster strikes, rarely do you think about the state of your photos and photographic media. During a flood or fire, you’d usually worry about your big items like your beds, couches, and appliances. But even though your photographs occupy a minor space in your home, leaving them during a disaster is not a wise choice.

Photographs and Photographic Media Restoration

Photos create precious memories. It could be pictures of your loved ones (living or dead) or pieces that capture significant events. Other times, they are medical files like x-rays or other important documents that record the state of your health. Photos like these are not easy to reproduce, so they are usually stored in a safe place. However, floods and fires can easily eat through envelopes and photo albums, and once your photographic media gets damaged, you won’t be able to use or appreciate them anymore.

It is difficult to throw these types of photos and documents away. Luckily, at Midwest Remediation, we can save you from having to part with your damaged photographs.

Restore Your Precious Memories with Midwest Remediation

Photograph restoration is a special type of contents restoration service we offer. It's not easy to repair damaged photographs, especially when the paper or material is sensitive to light exposure. Our methods follow a professional step-by-step procedure that will restore all your media back to mint condition. By contacting Midwest Remediation, you can give your photos another chance to revive the memories of your past.

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Types of photographic media we restore/recover include:

  • X-ray media
  • Microfilm and fiche
  • Photographs and a whole lot more!

With Midwest Remediation, you no longer have a reason to keep photos or media that are blurry or barely readable. If you are interested in hiring us, give us a call at 317-826-0940. We cater to all properties located in the Greater Indianapolis Area.