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Air Duct System Smoke Removal in Greater Indianapolis
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Air Duct System Smoke Removal | Indianapolis

air duct that needs to be cleaned

One of the worst things to deal with after a fire is the insistent smell of smoke residue. Unfortunately, this smoke can travel throughout the entire house or building, and can remain in your air ducts and ventilation system long after the fire has been put out.

Clean The Duct

Smoke particles have this persistent nature to stick to walls of ducts. When plenty of smoke particles stick to the walls, that's the reason why smoke lingers for so long after a fire, or after cigarettes have been smoked. To clean the inside of the air duct, use a feather duster and extend it inside, and thoroughly rub against the walls. Once you're sure you've reached down as deep as you possibly can in the duct, follow up with a vacuum cleaner to finish off any smoke particles the duster may have missed. Finally, get an extended hose and connect it to the vacuum cleaner so that it will extend inside the duct, and rub against the walls.

Air Filter Replacement

For the right air circulation, you need to make sure your air filters are cleaned once a month. If there is a heavy smoker inside the house, then the air filters need to be replaced more often. Go to any air conditioning units and inspect the air filter. If it hasn't been changed for awhile, then it will most likely be full of dust and debris. Either replace the old air filter with a brand-new one, or phone us at Midwest Remediation to ensure proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

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Get some Air Sanitizer

Right after cleaning the air ducts, get some air sanitizer and spray it in the rooms and in the duct pipes. Use a good odor-eliminator to ensure that instead of smoke, you can only smell a refreshing fragrance. Make sure you concentrate the air sanitizer where the smokey smell is much stronger than all the others.

Replace Air Conditioning and Covers

The smoke particles can also squeeze themselves into the covers for air duct openings. Soak the covers in soapy water and clean them thoroughly with a brush. Before replacing them, make sure that they dry thoroughly and properly. When the cover is secured, run the air conditioner once and allow the new air to circulate and eliminate the stale odor of old air. Lastly, get somebody else inside the room and ask if they can still detect a smokey odor; if so, get some more air sanitizer until it can't be detected anymore.

When All Hope Seems Lost, Don't Despair

If all else fails, we at Midwest Remediation will bring out the big guns to ensure your home is smoke-free. We also specialize in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and much more. So if you're in the Greater Indianapolis, or in the surrounding areas, don't hesitate. We handle all of Indianapolis! Don't hesitate to contact us today with any of our fast and easy to use website contact forms. Call us now at 317-826-0940. Our operators are on standby waiting for your call. We also have highly trained water damage professionals and fire damage restoration specialists.