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Fire Safety Tips in Greater Indianapolis
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Fire Safety Tips in Greater Indianapolis

Fire Safety Tips

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When a fire breaks out in your home, you have two minutes to escape, or risk dying of smoke inhalation. One of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your home from terrible fires is to identify and remove any possible fire hazards. About 60% of deaths caused by house fires don't have working smoke alarms. During a house fire, having a working smoke alarm and a good fire escape plan that's regularly practiced can save many lives.

Smoke Alarm Inspection

Installing a smoke alarm can effectively reduce the chances of fire-related deaths. This is a critical first step for staying safe, but in order to be truly effective, it needs to be maintained to ensure that it's working properly.

For safety's sake, install a smoke alarm on every level of your home, and you can also install them outside each person's sleeping area, and an additional one in each bedroom for extra precaution.

For effectiveness, you can use Daylight Savings Time as a good reminder to regularly check your smoke alarms, and replace the batteries at least once a year, even if the alarms are wired into your home's electrical system. It's far better to be overly precautious rather than have the system fail on you during a dire moment.

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If you're too busy to check every day, consider getting a smoke alarm with a battery that can last for up to ten years. Keep in mind that smoke alarms do expire after ten years. If your smoke alarm is more than ten years old, it's highly recommended that you have a new one installed.

Make and Practice a Fire Escape Plan

Make it a habit to practice a home fire escape plan, with two ways out of every room. Have a plan where you designate one person to get infants and small children out of the house and into safety as quickly as possible and have a back-up plan for the kids in case the adult leading them to safety is overcome by all the smoke.

It's vital to teach the children how to stick close to the ground if there is smoke when leaving their home, lest they get choked by the smoke on the way out. Make it a habit to check the door, doorknob and any available cracks around the door with the back of your hand to see if it's too hot; and teach the children how to do this, as well.

Agree upon a meeting place a safe distance away from your home, but also well-lit and, if possible, close to a police station.

Leave home immediately during an emergency, and don't go back inside anymore once you're out of the house.

Call 911 when you are already outside the house, and not while it's still burning. And if you live in an apartment, pull the alarm immediately. If there's a fire and you don't hear the building's fire alarm, pull the nearest fire alarm on your way out.

Never use the elevator and please make sure that you know all of your building's fire escape exits.

If you're Stuck Inside

If you can't safely escape your home or apartment, keep out as much smoke as possible by covering any vents and cracks around the door, and quickly call 911 or the fire department. Signal for help using a window and a flashlight, or a light-colored cloth.

When All Hope Seems Lost, Don't Despair

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