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Microbial and Mold Remediation in Greater Indianapolis Area

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Microbial & Mold Remediation | Indianapolis Area

Mold in and behind drywall being removed by Midwest Remediation Technicians

Midwest Remediation has an advanced understanding of mycology and microbiology, as well as the testing, inspection and remediation protocols necessary to return mold contaminated properties to a healthy state. Mold is always caused by an attendant moisture or water problem, so we work quickly to determine the source of the water, then review and implement the plan to correct it.

Our specialization and many years of experience have allowed us to see firsthand the additional property damage, health risks and increased costs incurred when mold is not remediated according to the proper Standard of Care. We always approach jobs involving mold with this in mind and guarantee that our projects will pass clearance or we will come back and perform any additional work required at no charge (as well as pay for the additional testing fees).

Our remediation process strictly adheres to the ANSI approved IICRC S520 Microbial Remediation Standards. An IICRC certified technician is also present on every job we perform. We also have a Certified Indoor Environmentalist on staff and encourage the involvement of a third party Industrial Hygienist on all mold projects to ensure quality and safety.

Black Water & Sewage Remediation

Midwest Remediation is also your expert for remediating black water floods. Midwest Remediation utilizes special procedures to properly restore contents and buildings, as well as to protect the health of property owners, renters, residents and building inhabitants while preventing further property damage.

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High toxicity levels are likely to be present when sewage is involved, which is why time is of the essence when restoring black water losses. We possess all the proper certifications, training and experience to expertly handle black water flooding and have service vehicles specifically outfitted for these situations loaded and ready to go 24/7/365.

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Recently Completed Mold Remediation Jobs

September 14, 2016 | Indianapolis, IN

Set containments in bathroom and in crawl space. Set negative air pressure exhaust with crawl space vent to outside. Remove effective drywall in bathroom and removed the affected shower area. The crawl space was air washed and sprayed with the antimicrobial agent. All affected dry wall was removed, set dehumidifiers ...