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Other Restoration Services by Midwest Remediation

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Additional Specialty Restoration Services by Midwest Remediation in Greater Indianapolis 

Crawl Space Specialists

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When crawl spaces are impacted by raw sewage or other contaminants, Midwest Remediation utilizes a unique, proprietary process ensuring that the area is restored to the highest standard possible.


Media Blasting

Media blasting can be used for mold remediation, fire and smoke restoration, graffiti removal, and more. We offer a wide variety of media blasting services that allow us to cut the time it takes to finish restoration, demolition, and reconstruction projects while significantly reducing the amount of secondary waste created.

Containment Construction

Unlike most contractors, all Midwest Remediation containment is "stick built and pressure fit" to insure protection of building occupants and to prevent cross-contamination. We never rely on "duct tape" in such a critical application!

Thermal Imaging

Midwest Remediation utilizes infra-red technology to find "wet spots" in structures that cannot be easily identified with the naked eye or other instruments. Using this equipment ensures that we locate every wet part of the structure and restore all affected areas back to pre-loss condition.

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Duct Cleaning

We provide heating, ventilating and air conditioning remediation services in-house in order to deliver the highest quality work when air handling systems are compromised by microbial threats, smoke, etc.

Graffiti Removal

Re-painting or using chemical applications to cover up or remove graffiti can be costly and ineffective. Our media blasting technology allows us to remove graffiti from surfaces much more safely and thoroughly.

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