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Blood Clean-up in Indianapolis

Blood Clean-up in Indianapolis, IN

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Blood droup on the floor

MW Remediation can handle large and small blood spills in a home, commercial or industrial setting. We are trained in blood-borne pathogens, safety equipment (PPE) and the latest hazardous communications protocols. MW Remediation is skilled at properly protecting the area and setting parameters first; then we work with the materials to ensure that they are properly removed, or completely cleaned and sanitized.

MW Remediation has vast experience with completing the cleaning of blood spills with a systematic process that combines the latest in equipment and technology to effectively decontaminate and fully remediate all potential blood-borne pathogens and blood stains from your home or office property.

We are proficient at not just blood clean-up, but also the full spectrum of clean-up for trauma situations throughout the Indianapolis, IN area. MW Remediation will handle the entire process of blood cleanup and biohazard removal while conducting ourselves with the utmost of professionalism and dignity. We work with clients in often sensitive situations, so we know that professionalism and experience are key to our success.

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