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Frozen Pipe Prevention in Greater Indianapolis

Frozen Pipe Prevention in Greater Indianapolis

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During biting cold winters, the plumbing pipes can freeze and can burst--giving you water damage and even flooding. To prevent any additional cost to your wallet and to prevent any more inconvenience, let us help with these suggestions to completely eradicate any risk of frozen pipes and other problems related to cold weather.

Danger of Freezing

The water that enters your pipes during wintertime is much, much colder than the water of summer months. As the cold water enters the pipe, this makes the pipe contract. As the pipe contracts, the effect of contraction is what causes leaks from areas of pipe that have grown weak, until one day the pipe just bursts.

Unfortunately, there's no real practical way to heat up the temperature around your home, so an alternative solution is to be alert and aware of your plumbing system and to check for leaks. Even if we can't stop the leaks that form when the temperature drops, there are still many other ways to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting, such as:

  • Keep the Water Flowing - if the weather outside is extremely cold, keep one or two faucets slowly running. This makes sure you keep the water moving through your pipes to prevent the entire thing from being frozen over.
  • Warm it Up - The pipes that freeze over the most tend to be the ones near an outside wall, or near the window. As much as you can, direct warm air to the colder areas. A good place to start is in the basement--check out the pipes near the exterior of your home.

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  • Leave Cabinet doors Open - When your kitchen sink is on an outside wall, leave the cabinet doors open so that warm air can go inside. Coincidentally, a kitchen faucet is a good faucet to leave on during biting cold weather.
  • Tape it Up - You could also get a plumber to install some heat tape, a product that allows you to warm the pipes as long as it's needed during cold weather.
  • Seal Leaks - Be mindful of any air leaks around the electrical wiring, dryer vents, and most especially the pipes. Keep out the cold using insulation or caulk--with the severity of winter, even one small opening can bring with it enough cold air to cause a pipe to become frozen.

Don't worry - We can Help

We at Midwest Remediation will surely help you with making sure that your pipes don't freeze over. Aside from water damage restoration, we specialize in fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and much more. So if you live in the Greater Indianapolis or in the surrounding area, don't hesitate. We handle all of Indianapolis! Do contact us today with any of our fast and easy to use website contact forms. Call us now at 317-826-0940. Our operators are on standby waiting for your call. We also have highly trained professionals for toilet overflow, black water and sewage remediation and even trauma specialists, to name a few. No matter the situation, you're surely in safe hands with us.