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Water Damage Insurance Claims Assistance in Indianapolis

Water Damage Restoration Insurance Claims Assistance in Indianapolis

The moment a water disaster (e.g. burst pipe, appliance leak, etc.) hits your property, you can do very little to control the situation. Once the water starts flooding your home and drenching your surroundings, there’s a big chance that the soaked areas and items will get damaged. Depending on the severity of the disaster, the cost of the repairs can get expensive. However, if you have proper insurance, your insurance provider can easily give you the financial assistance you need.

To be able to receive aid, however, you need to file and submit your insurance claim properly. If not, you might not get the assistance you deserve or be denied completely. Trying to file a claim right after a water disaster has struck can be difficult, though. That’s why if you need assistance in filing a water damage insurance claim, contact Midwest Remediation as soon as possible. Our company will send our best water damage experts to inspect your damaged property and help you submit your claim.

Midwest Remediation has the patience, energy, and professional eye to help support your insurance claim. When we arrive at your location, our experts will perform the following procedures to ensure that you receive the assistance you need:

  • Determine the type of water disaster encountered
  • Complete documentation (taking videos and photos of the devastated property)
  • Detailed inventory of damaged possessions
  • List down important details (e.g. name, location, injuries and property damage sustained, etc.)
  • Reviewing your insurance plan with you

When the claim has been completely assessed and filed, we’ll submit it to your insurance provider. Midwest Remediation can work with all insurance agencies and even do all the legwork for you.

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Once your claim is approved, we can perform the necessary water damage restoration procedure on your property. We offer an array of services, each addressing specific damage caused by water disasters. These include:

We also offer excellent contents restoration for your salvageable items. When you need our help, just give us a call at 317-826-0940. Midwest Remediation’s emergency services are available 24/7 and cater properties in the Greater Indianapolis area.