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Black Water & Sewage Remediation | Indianapolis

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Black water floods come from sewer and septic back-ups, broken waste pipes, toilet overflows and lake or river floods. Sewer or "black water" contains human waste, pathogens and infectious materials and contain thousands of disease-causing viruses, bacteria and protozoa that can cause very serious illnesses if not remediated properly as soon as possible.

River and lake floods may also contain industrial chemicals, fertilizer runoff and other toxic materials. Midwest Remediation utilizes special procedures to properly restore contents and buildings, as well as to protect the health of building inhabitants and prevent further property damage.

High toxicity levels are likely to be present when sewage is involved, which is why time is of the essence when restoring black water losses. Do not waste time! Contact us immediately. The quicker the response time, the less chance there is for related health issues and secondary damage. We possess all the proper certifications, training and experience to expertly handle black water flooding and have service vehicles specifically outfitted for these situations loaded and ready to go 24/7/365.

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