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Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

Mold Growth in Your Home

Although molds have beneficial uses in medicine, they can be quite destructive if they are left to fester and grow in unseen corners of your home. Their spores trigger allergic reactions and long-term exposure to them is known to cause lung conditions. Keeping your house free from mold is the ideal solution since mold clean-up can reach up to five figures.

To keep mold remediation costs from happening or to keep them low, please remember the following tips shared by your friendly neighborhood mold remediation experts at Midwest Remediation:

  • Control moisture, control mold – Wet and most environments provide the ideal conditions for mold to grow. In order to stop mold from ever growing, make sure that you control these factors. Check that your air conditioning unit is properly funnelling out excess moisture outside by checking on its drain lines and drain pan. Keep the climate of your house below 60 percent humidity. Buy a humidity meter from the hardware store to help you measure the relative humidity in your home.
  • Declutter your home – The more clutter there is, the less air circulation in your home. If air does not circulate, it will be easy for moisture and humidity to build up and for mold to grow. This is especially true for your basement if you use it for storage.
  • Keep 48 hours as your deadline for wet areas – When you encounter a wet spot in your home, never let 48 hours pass by with you doing something about drying the area. If you dry an area within this space, mold will not necessarily grow there.
  • Focus on your air-conditioning unit – Since your AC cools your home, it can trap moisture and therefore allow mold to grow. You will need to take special care of the environment surrounding your unit. When you notice that the windows have water beads on it, immediately wipe away any condensation.
  • Insulate – Make sure that crawl spaces are properly insulated. Regularly check your crawlspace for insulation tears because any breaks will allow moisture build up. Since crawlspaces are not as exposed as other places in your home, it may be too late before you notice that mold has already grown significantly there.
  • Check your appliances – Certain household appliances aid in the build up of humidity or vapor. Open a window to let clothes dryers, heaters, stoves vent out the steam. Cooking pans and kettles can let out water vapors as well so check their areas for any condensation and let the air in to vent out humidity.
  • Use dehumidifiers – You will need to buy whole house dehumidifiers in order to make sure that your indoor climate stays dry. For basements, there are basement humidifiers which will protect that area from the humidity.
  • Check your roof – Before the onset of rainy or chilly weather, make sure that your roof is clean and free of leaks. Leaks will allow raindrops to enter your house and thus allow mold to grow. This is also crucial since the ceiling cannot be easily checked for mold.

These tips will serve you well in keeping mold from growing in your home. When you already see mold creeping up in an area in your house, you can get in touch with a mold remediation expert at our (317) 826-0940 number who will be more than happy to rid you of this culture and its spores.